Brick Repointing and Mortar Repairs

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Heritage and Modern Brick Repointing and Mortar Repairs

Have the years caught up with your brickwork? Has the mortar cracked, crumbled or completey vanished? No problem - we will have your brickwork looking like new again with our repointing services.

At SB Tuckpointing, we take pride in preserving the beauty, integrity and longevity of modern and heritage building brickwork through our Brick Repointing and Mortar Repair services. With years of experience rejuvenating brickwork in Victoria, Melbourne and Hobart, our skilled craftsmen are dedicated to delivering a top quality job - see for yourself, click here to see 40+ 5-star Google reviews from happy customers.

What is Brick Repointing?

Repointing is the process to restore and enhance the appearance of brickwork and mortar. Over time, the mortar joints between bricks can deteriorate due to weather, age and other factors. Repointing involves removing the deteriorated mortar and replacing it with new mortar, improving the structural integrity and aesthetics of the brickwork.

It's best to conduct repointing services when the mortar joints between its bricks begin to deteriorate or signs of damage, however our team has the technology and skills to repair significant mortar damage, cracking, crumbing or complete degradation. 

We can provide restorative brick repointing and mortar repair services to any brick structure, such as:

  • Modern Homes
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Chimney’s
  • Multi-story walls
  • Garden walls
  • Brick steps

Before and After - Chimney Repointing in Hobart

What Will Your Brick Repointing Service Involve?

Initial Brick Assessment and Cost of Repointing - An assessment of your brickwork and mortar is conducted to determine the extent of deterioration and identify any underlying issues. Mostly it’s straightforward but if our experts identify other issues, like cracked bricks, then we’re confident you will welcome the consultation.

The cost of repointing services is calculated on a square-metre basis and takes into account several factors, such as extent of damage, required work, equipment needed, etc.

Before starting the repointing process, necessary preparations are made to protect surrounding surfaces, landscaping and other nearby elements that could be affected during the repointing process.

Removal of old crumbling mortar and cleaning the joints - After the preparation of area is complete, the brick repointers will start the removal of old mortar utilising industry tools and equipment. The SB Tuckpointing team is well practised to avoid damaging the surrounding bricks and house facades during this process.

Once the old mortar is removed, the joints are cleaned to remove any remaining debris and create a clean surface for the new mortar to bond.

New Mortar - Now the joints are cleaned out, it’s time to prepare the new mortar to inject between the bricks.

You get to choose the mortar colour then we’ll take care of the technical components, like composition and texture.

Colour note: We notice that our customers typically want to match the original mortar or something that suits the brick. We will provide guidance.

Application of New Mortar - Utilising special masonry tools, trowels, mortar guns and safety equipment the repointing team will inject the new mortar between the bricks to a proper depth and achieve full coverage of the joint to ensure structural stability.

The new mortar is then shaped to match the surrounding mortar joints to help the new mortar blend in seamlessly with the existing masonry.

Clean Up - The SB Tuckpointing team will complete an acid wash of the bricks, spray down and clean up the surrounding area.

Heriatige Brick Repointing - Hobart

What is the difference between Brick Repointing and Tuckpointing?

Repointing and tuckpointing are related techniques used in masonry to repair and enhance the mortar joints between bricks - we provide both services.

Repointing refers to the process of removing deteriorated or damaged mortar from the joints between bricks or stones and replacing it with new mortar. The primary goal of repointing is to restore the structural integrity of the masonry and prevent further damage. 

Tuckpointing is a more specific and refined technique within repointing which involves the use of two different mortar colours to create the illusion of fine joints to enhance the appearance of the bricks. Tuckpointing is often used for decorative purposes and can make the mortar joints appear smaller and more uniform than they actually are.

Heritage Home in Melbourne, Victoria

Benefits of Repointing Services in Victoria and Tasmania

We're lucky to live in Victoria and Tasmania, their rich history is evident through the balance of heritage building architecture and modern brick homes across our two states. Over the years we have noticed the motivations for our customers to employ our brick repointing services may vary, but they always recognise these benefits:

Structural Integrity - Repointing strengthens the brickwork by replacing deteriorated mortar, thereby maintaining the structural integrity of the brick wall or structure.

Aesthetics - Repointing rejouvenates the visual appearance of the masonry by improving the colour and texture of the mortar joints. Whether you’re trying to maintain a historical and architectural authenticity or wanting to revamp the look of your brick work, repointing can achieve terrific results.

Weather Resistance - Properly repointed mortar joints provide better protection against moisture penetration, reducing the risk of water damage and decay.

Longevity - Repointing can extend the lifespan of the brickwork, reducing the need for more extensive and costly repairs in the future.

Property Value - Well-maintained masonry that looks clean and structurally safe will enhance the value of a property, making repointing a worthwhile investment.

Colour Matching Mortar

When brickwork or mortar is replaced in an existing wall a key element of preserving the visual integrity of a historical building is colour matching the mortar - even if the original mortar has weathered and changed in colour over time.

Quite often the SB Tuckpointing team have come to the rescue of the DIY mortar restoration job because it's more complex than one might think. Pre-mix mortars from the hardware shop can only get you so close (yet so far) from your original mortar colour and it involves a lot of trial and error.

When SB Tuckpointing colour matches mortar colours we start with the sand. First, we try to identify the best sand match which isn't always straight forward. Sometimes there are multiple quarries in the area and sourcing/matching the local material is challenging. Next, we must get right the proportion of cement to sand, and the presence of additives or pigments.

Sometimes this can be a lengthy process as the team may want to dry the mortar to truly get a sense of the final colour and how well it matches the rest of the brick wall. 

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You will receive insights into the situation and be provided with an obligation free quote. SB Tuckpointing will provide all the required material, tools, safety equipment and clean up after themselves to minimise the impact on your family.

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