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Heritage Brick Cleaning

Over time your brick facade can build up layers of pollution, grime, silica and carbon that can damage the bricks, brick mortar and look ugly.

State of the Art Equipment & Chemicals

With state of the art equipment with special formulated chemicals and low pressure steam, SB Tuckpointing will remove all substance build up without using any acid.

Paint Stripping Bricks

Paint stripping bricks and removing paint from masonry can be tricky due to the type of dried paint, brick crevices, weather damage and brick conditions.

The DIY renovator can make mistakes which leave patchy, unattractive results with off the shelf products.

Masonry Paint Removal

SB Tuckpointing will remove paint from your masonry and restore bricks to an attractive state using industry tools, equipment, chemicals and experience.

If you’re not sure about your masonry or details, contact the team and we’ll give you a free consult.

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