Services - Brick Repointing

Enhance Your Asset With Sharp Looking Brickwork

Cut out frayed and damaged mortar joints for repairs with moisture appropriate lime-based mortar.

A wholistic approach is taken to your property's brickwork, matching colours and styles from a bygone era, restoring homes and buildings to their former glory

Tuckpointing or Repointing 

Brick Repointing replaces the damaged mortar with a matching mortar colour, whereas Tuckpointing will supplement chipped bricks with matching colour mortar, injecting a line of mortar with contrasting colour.

The choice of tuckpointing or repointing depends on your masonary type, building profile and existing brick & mortar colours. Our specialists will consult on your project and help you choose the right outcome.

Project Planning To Suit Your Needs

Property type, location, season and drainage calls for vastly different approaches when it comes to Tuckpointing or Repointing.

Melbourne's varied weather has prepared our team to handle any situation, as well as repairing poor quality prior tuckpointing attampts.

We carefully plan projects around your needs, interior work to suit you and exterior work is completed with minimal invasiveness.

When you're speaking with our team about your next project, be sure to mention any residential or time constraints so we can get the best result.

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