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Crack Repairs - Stop The Damage & Improve The Look

Cracks in your mortar might look like a small problem, but they can quickly become an expensive affair.

Damaged walls are a major safety issue and insurance liability - we always recommend to fix them early to avoid an expensive catastrophe.

Repair Hard To Reach Areas

With a range of scaffolds, ladders and safety equipment we can conduct crack repairs in any location. Damage and cracks are commonly found near fixtures or wall anchors  - these will only get worse over time.

Shallow Fixes Wont Last

Our crack fixing process involves a deep foundational solution, instead of temporary, superficial patches.

We remove and scrape away any affected mortar, creating a large amount of space.

These large spaces make for better mortar curing conditions - the stronger the mortar, the stronger the repair.

Once fixed, your existing fixtures or wall anchors will stay where you want them, and new ones will have a far more secure base.

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