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Crumbling Brick & Mortar - Salt and Other Problems

Is your property experiencing crumbling of brick and mortar? Presence of salts on walls?

It’s probably suffering from Rising Damp, which is a common occurrence in masonry buildings due to moisture containing salts from the ground rising up the walls causing problems.

Advanced Technologies

We use advanced technology allowing us to repair these problems cost effectively.

Each project we start we urge the client to to allow us to install a damp course so their tuckpointing or repointing will last longer on the bottom courses of the perimeter of the job.

Experienced Damp Course Installers

We have decades of experience Tuckpointing, Repointing and addressing other masonary issues, like rising damp, crack repairs and brick cleaning.

We always urge customers to do their research and contact our team for a comprehensive consult and quote.

SB Tuckpointing has installed Damp Course to address Rising Damp in many different and unique situations, always resulting in a long lasting solution and a happy customer.

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