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Before And After Paint Removal From Bricks

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Make Your Bricks Look Like New Again

SB Tuckpointing offers brick paint removal and brick cleaning services in Melbourne and Hobart who thrive on delivering the best results at great prices.

Your bricks will look like new again with restored pride and increased property value after a professional brick cleaning using industrial equipment and material. Even the toughest material, including excess mortar, can be cleaned off bricks with SB Tuckpointing brick cleaning services.

Paint removal from bricks is a terrific way to rejuvenate even the oldest wall with several layers of brick paint dating back decades. The experienced team at SB Tuckpointing will organise a time to inspect your property and provide a free quote and detail how to remove the paint.

Keep scrolling to see before and after photos of paint removal from bricks and view the quality brickwork SB Tuckpointing is providing to commercial and residential properties all across Victoria, Melbourne and Hobart.

How does SB Tuckpointing remove paint from bricks in Melbourne?


Not all brick paint is made the same so SB Tuckpointing will begin by spot testing multiple types of paint strippers to identify which will be the best option to achieve a clean brick that looks like new again.

The experienced team of Melbourne and Hobart paint removers have worked on heritage buildings with several layers of decades-old paint requiring multiple brands of paint strippers to restore the brick wall.


For outdoor paint removal from bricks, SB Tuckpointing will apply plastic covers and other protection to windows, doors, external power outlets and other building features to ensure no bric cleaning chemicals or water damage to your property.

The approach differs for outdoor and indoor paint removal from bricks but take comfort knowing SB Tuckpointing will take all precautions to ensure there is no damage to your property or surrounding areas.

Paint Removal from Bricks

SB Tuckpointing will bring the best paint stripping chemicals and brick acid wash to apply to the paint on the bricks then use high pressure steam to remove the paint stripper and paint.

Watch the video of Shaun from SB Tuckpointing using high pressure steam to remove the brick paint which has previously been treated with paint removal chemicals.


An important part of the brick paint removal process worth mentioning is safety. As paint stripping chemicals are being used in the area the SB Tuckpointing team will advise you and your family on the appropriate safety precautions.

Usually this requires vacating the area and ensuring both adults and children will not go near while the paint removal service is being conducted. The SB Tuckpointing team will always clean up and remove any hazardous material upon completion.

For indoor paint removal from bricks there are other elements to consider such as air flow, drying conditions and more which you will be consulted on.

Before and After Photos of Melbourne Paint Removal from Brick House

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Commercial Paint Removal from Bricks

Whether a retail store requires a fresh canvas or a warehouse needs to be brought into this century, SB Tuckpointing is here to help with your commercial paint removal from bricks and cleaning.

Every year our brick cleaning experts remove decades worth of cosmetic damage to bricks including oil stains, rust marks, grime, dirt, animal damage and water marks on bricks.

No brick will be too dirty to clean so reach out to SB Tuckpointing to start the conversation about what your business wants to achieve and how we can make a brick wall look like new again.

Heritage Brick Cleaning Services in Melbourne & Hobart

SB Tuckpointing will visit your site to inspect the condition of your bricks and determine the best approach to cleaning bricks.

Most of the time the bricks will require industry-standard brick cleaning acid which is the fastest, most cost effective and an eco-friendly way of cleaning residential and commercial bricks.

The brick cleaning experts will apply the brick cleaning acid to the wall then utilising high pressure steam onto the bricks and use hand tools for removal of dirt, grime, mould, excess mortar and other construction material.

Residential and Commercial building facade cleaning

Make your home look like new again with a comprehensive brick cleaning of your house facade.

The SB Tuckpointing brickwork specialists will provide a complimentary inspection of your property for imperfections, such as cracked bricks which may have been hidden from sight until now, rising damp and other brick wall complications which can be fixed with tuckpointing or repointing and mortar repair services.

Organise a free quote to find out how much brick paint removal costs

SB Tuckpointing is ready to help! A brickwork expert will organise a time to visit your property and inspect the brick walls that requires paint removal services.

You will receive insights into the situation and be provided with an obligation free quote. SB Tuckpointing will provide all the required material, tools, safety equipment and clean up after themselves to minimise the impact on your family.

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